Healthy Life: BP Track Pulse

Health is the foundation of everything

Healthy Life: BPTrack + is a multi-purpose health tracking application, comprehensive health management is dedicated to helping you.

Health tracking

Real-time blood pressure monitoring, blood glucose measurement and trend analysis, heart rate monitoring and rhythm analysis, exercise data recording

Personalized advice

Personalized recommendations provide health advice and exercise regimen customization based on your data

Data security

Your health data will be protected with the strictest security measures. Privacy is a priority and data is not shared or sold.

Why Healthy Life: BPTrack+?

Quickly and safely scan Weblink, text, WiFi, contacts and other types of QR code, if the scanning result is a website link, you can click the URL to jump to the web page. If it is a WiFi QR code, the application will automatically connect.

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Healthy Life: BPTrack+ is not only a health tracking tool, but also a health partner. We are committed to providing the latest medical technology to help you better understand and manage your health.